Thursday, February 28, 2008

loans and titles and inspections, oh my!

We're done with the fun part of snooping through other people's houses now, and getting down to the business of being homeowners. We've been scheduling inspections (home, termite, chimney- there's a lot that can go wrong with a house!), securing a title, and waiting to see what the market is going to do and deciding when to lock in our interest rate. About a month ago we had 5.875% locked in, now we're thinking we might be lucky to get six and a quarter. Oh well, this house is a heckuvalot cheaper than the first one we bid on, so we'll still be in a better place financially, despite a slightly higher rate.

I've been spending spare time scouring the internet for dining room tables. Must haves: expandable, under $1K, adaptable style, dark brown. Would be nice: round, free delivery. Send me links to any you find that fit the bill!

I'm taking next Friday off to be around for the home inspection in the afternoon, and to be the first one in the door at the Restoration Hardware warehouse sale at 10AM in Edgewood. It only happens once a month in two locations nation-wide: MD and CA. I knew I moved to Baltimore for a reason! (I mean, other than my wonderful husband, of course.)

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Beth said...

Katie, have you checked out CB2 for tables? Some are cute. Here's one that fits your musts:

but it's veneer. somehow, i'm guessing you are an all wood kinda girl : )