Monday, February 25, 2008

Victory is mine!

That title was Kyle's contribution, a quote from Stewie on the Family Guy.

Anyway, we got the house- hooray!! He accepted our offer with no counter! Kyle, does that mean I can splurge on a dining room table from Restoration Hardware?!

April 25 is the settlement date now, but we may choose to move that a little earlier if we get antsy.

Enough of you guys- back to the champagne!!

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Courtney said...

Congrats! I had a feeling if I checked back once more before bed, I'd see this! How exciting (now the mom in me will tell you to take the reference to the address off of the site, because I was able to look up the MLS earlier today to check it out :)

Congrats, and enjoy your champagne!!! Hopefully we'll get ours soon. Or, I'll just drink it anyway.