Tuesday, February 19, 2008

fingers crossed!

We're going to look at this house on Thursday. It's not in our first choice neighborhood, but it is in Baltimore County (as opposed to the City...much cheaper taxes in the county!), and is on a very cute street.

I think it's adorable and the price is definitely right, so cross your fingers for us!

P.S. I have learned that "cute" is the wrong word to use as a descriptor, around Kyle. To him, it translates as "Katie is in love with this house and is not going to make a rational decision. I will have to make lots of repairs because she thinks it's cute." So, I'll use it as much as possible here to get it out of my system. Please excuse my repetition.

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Kerry said...

Good luck tomorrow looking at the house!! Hope there aren't any creepy dudes! I love the updates!

P.S. I read your updates and laugh out loud, you are too "cute" and funny!