Sunday, February 17, 2008

Included with purchase: random dude

On Thursday we looked at this house.

I was pretty excited to see it- it's on a picturesque street in a neighborhood we like, it's in the lower end of our price range, and looks so cute - just like a little gingerbread house! We're looking for a fixer-upper, so we expected it to have some oddities.
But, what we found was a little more odd than we're looking for... we arrived a few minutes after JoAnn, and found her inside talking with a man who looked like a really tired combination of Jerry Garcia and Tom Petty at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. She awkwardly introduced us to this seedy guy and said that she had gone to high school with his sister decades ago, and that he is a friend of the owners and would be there while we looked at the house. We checked the place out- found a really wet basement, roofing shingles used as siding, a washer and dryer in the kitchen, a sloping floor, and teeny tiny bedrooms- with all kinds of knick knacks and junk in between. When we came down from the second floor, we found JoAnn on the phone- with the sister she hadn't talked to in so long! We left as quickly as possible and then she told us the real story.
When she arrived at the house to open it up, she fiddled around with the lock for a while, and when she finally got it, saw this guy sleeping in the chair with all of the lights off. Eeew! She had to kinda yell at him a few times to get him to come to, but was at least happy to find out he was still of this world!
Obviously this one is not in the running for us - could it possibly be for anyone?!

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eyeheartorange said...

ewwww! That is so creepy! I am telling Deb to check out your blog, she thinks she has it bad with her realtor but that's nothing! gross.