Thursday, February 21, 2008

just for the record

This is the first house we made an offer on in this whole process. Obviously, we didn't get it, or we would be on to the renovations phase of the blog by now. I just thought, as much as it pains me, I owed it to this place, our efforts, and our adoring supporters, to include it as part of the history.

It's in our ideal neighborhood, and we'd had our eyes on it since December. It needed to be completely renovated inside, but for the location and the fact that it has a 2-car garage, big yard, and most importantly, adorable built-in benches on the front porch, we were up for the challenge!

We made an offer the day after they dropped the price, but so did 3 other jerks. We came in third. Well, we didn't get it, but hey, as Mitt Romney would say, "we got the bronze!" And, as JoAnn's partner, big Hank, who helped us make the offer says, the sellers were just being greedy piggies. And nobody likes a greedy piggy.

Interesting fact: the house was built in 1929 and the seller has lived there for the entire life of the house, and since he was 4 years old! From the following images, you'll see that not much has changed inside since 1929...

That does say "old fashioned" above Moth Balls.

Close-up of the wallpaper in bedroom.


Kerry said...

The wallpaper has a nice North Country theme...I would have left it!
From: One of your adoring supporters

post pike said...

I know, I really did love the wallpaper! I was going to figure out some kind of project to use it in, just to keep some of the original elements of the house.

BUT we didn't buy it. :-) We did LOVE the stone one we saw last night though and think we're going to make an offer!

Beth said...

Really, if you quote Romney again i might gag : )

good luck on the next offer!!!

post pike said...

I was mocking him!!!

Courtney said...

I am jealous of your search...we're moving to NoVA to a suburban nightmare (worse than where we currently are, if that's possible), so A can be close to the top-secret dept of the gov't now. I tried to get A on track to live IN DC, but a fixer-upper brownstone in a decent part of DC doesn't leave much moola for fixin' up...sigh.

Not to mention, even the thought of trying to renovate with Benjamin around makes me anxious panicky!