Monday, October 6, 2008

spring, sprang, sprung

The guys got the box spring upstairs! Here is the play by play from Kyle who is sitting beside me, but who has trouble typing on the mini keyboard of his toughbook work computer.

1. Cut or pull back dustcover and fabric from bottom and sides of box spring.
2. Cut side and center length struts - cut in one place where you anticipate bending to navigate staircase.
3. Bend while carrying up tight staircase.
4. Place 2x4 blocks at cuts and re-attach struts using screws.
5. Google for better directions.

Sorry folks, he's a tired little guy tonight. It was a long day of doing little to nothing for a home building suffering from the economy. He did cook a mean pad thai dinner though.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Box sprung

Well, we were all excited last night to have the upstairs bedroom clean and ready for the bed. Around 9:30 we mustered all of the energy we had left from a long day and prepared to bring the box spring and mattress upstairs and to make the bed. Only to find out that it doesn't fit up the staircase. I guess that explains why the upstairs bedroom, although the biggest, always belonged to the littlest kid! I also guess that they didn't make queen size beds in the 1930s when the house was built.

So, this afternoon, Kyle and Corey will go about cutting the box spring (google says you can do it!) to fit it around the corner and up the stairs. Or, as my dad always said, up the wooden hill.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Movin' on up(stairs)!

After 4 months in our new house, we are finally ready to move into our new and improved master suite! The bathroom is done (really this time...I jumped the gun a little bit last month in announcing its completion), the bedroom is painted, the floor has been re-finished and cleaned, and the closets are finished. The only thing we're waiting for is the arrival of the new closet doors. Tonight we'll move the bed upstairs and maybe spend our first night up there! Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Does anyone else think the faucet bears a striking resemblance to Gonzo's nose? I still love it though. :-) Good job Kyle for fixing the tile surrounding it that the plumber messed up. It looks just as good as the rest! Next time he might have to install all the tile himself...we all know that the reward for good work is more work!


To borrow blogger buddy Corey's term, I think my new closet is truly Carrie Bradshaw worthy! Now if we can just get the wardrobe elevated to that status too...