Wednesday, May 28, 2008

homeward bound

Well, we're in the home stretch. Finally.

We had some great help and company this weekend in the form of Uncle Pete and cousin Ashley. Ash was on her way back from being a ski bum in Utah all winter, and they made a stop to help us out and, oh yeah, catch the Syracuse Womens' Lacrosse team play in the NCAA finals. The girls lost their game, but they are sure to make it all the way next year with 'Smash' as their new Assistant Coach!

We got a lot of painting done this weekend, including the new bathroom, baseboards in the upstairs bedroom and dining room, and crown molding in the dining room. See....

Overall, the house looks completely different than it did at this time last week. The cabinets have been installed in the kitchen, the hardwood has been refinished, the appliances have arrived, and I actually mowed the lawn! Check out the cabinets - as Uncle Pete would say...Dude, Sweet.

What else...Kyle defied gravity and horrible directions (thanks for nothin', Kohler) and with just a tiny bit of assistance from yours truly, installed the kitchen sink. In pink.

And as if that weren't enough, we MOVED! All that remains at our apartment is our mattress, clothes, and kitchen stuff. We extended our lease a few extra days so we won't have to take icy showers, so we'll be sleeping there until June 5. Many thanks to Jeff, Brandon, and especially sleep-loving Brian, for getting up early and helping us shove our stuff out the window (seriously) at 8 AM.

Luckily, we have this little guy (Blue) across the street to cheer us up when we get overwhelmed. Blue, you're my boy!

Monday, May 19, 2008

they rocked our world

The "they" in this title refers to several people.

1. The sheetrock crew who accomplished some awesome work last week- see below.
Props to Kyle are in order again for building the beautiful arch. Now that it's painted, it looks as though it has always been in the house.
2. Our many friends who helped out with painting, etc. this weekend.

2a. Kim- the quick study novice (who was inspired to do some painting at her own place!)
2b. Jennie- the seasoned pro and Boston qualifier! Woo hoo! 2c. Jen & Brian (we just included the better half here. ;-) - they are serious contendors in the running for MVP helpers, having already put in several days of work. 3. Kyle and Corey, who laid the hardwood in the kitchen. Corey was
working so hard I wasn't able to stop him for a picture! Check out the blending! It is all being finished today and will soon match perfectly. These guys have skills.

4. Mrs. Robin whose three baby birds hatched last weekend! She has been feeding them all of the worms from our yard and we've been able to watch it all from about 6 inches away through our front window. It's truly a zoo inside and out. Here's a picture that's a little weird because it's through a window, but you can just make out one of the babies.

5. Ryan at the Perring Plaza Home Depot, who helped me get rid of "icy blue" (turned out WAY too turquoise on the walls!) and replace it with a much more nicey blue. I did not ask Ryan for a picture, but just picture a guy about my age with a huge beard and long hair. Also the only person in the paint department of two Home Depots with evidence of a human brain!!
Kyle and I have a few days to do some shopping, since the floors will be wet with varnish. We're off to buy a sink tonight, and to make some decisions for our new bathroom. We're expecting cabinets and appliances to arrive mid-week, and to start moving next weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

and the winner is...

neither this one nor that one! Sorry folks, we went for simplicity and decided on a 2-hole model instead of these 4-holers. (Does anybody else dislike that word as much as I do? For some reason it sounds much different than "whole" and I don't like it.) Anyway, here it is.
I have not had a chance to snap a shot of the drywalled kitchen yet, but let me tell ya, it looks incredible. It looks so much bigger, and my master craftsman hubby did a seriously bang-up job on the new arch. I don't tell him enough, but he is pretty wonderful and is doing an amazing job on this project. Thanks, Kyle!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready to Rock!

Sheetrock that is... Kyle, Doug, and I spent a long Saturday finishing everything inside the walls to be ready for the drywall crew today. We accomplished a lot! We had some serious motivation addition to needing to finish all of this stuff to be ready for drywall, we also really wanted to be able to go to Richmond on Sunday to see these cuties. Jenna and Lauren

Here's what we did:

-Kyle and Doug built a bulkhead in one of the bedrooms to hide the pipes that drop down from the new master bathroom.

-Kyle finished all of the wiring for light fixtures, etc.

-I insulated the new bathroom and kitchen.

-We at some really good sandwiches from our new favorite italian deli down the street.

-Kyle built the arch between the kitchen and dining room.

A few pics of the action:

Friday, May 9, 2008

poll #1

Which kitchen sink faucet?

This one:

Or that one?

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Wow, I am posting up a storm this week. A lot has been happening.

I just posted our old kitchen appliances on Craig's List, which I had put off doing for weeks because I wasn't able to get a good picture of the fridge since the doors were off and it was stuck in a corner. But Kyle wisely encouraged me to just do it and see what happened. So at 2:27 PM I posted the listing- you haul all 3 for $200. At 2:32 I had my first bite for the fridge only, and at 4:27 all three are officially sold (for $100) and will be picked up tomorrow morning! We probably could have made a little more, but since the drywall is going in very soon we just wanted them outta there.

And, now we have cash to buy beer for those who will be lending a helping hand this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this little light of mine

We have recessed lights! Now that the elements of a house that I am familiar with are being installed, I'm starting to be able to see it come together more. If we stay on schedule, drywall should be installed on Monday!
And here is our electrician getting fresh with his assistant. Congratulations to the grandparents of brand new baby twins, Jenna and Lauren!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We're not quite ready to get a dog, especially since we've got Blue, the best Beagle ever, across the street. We also don't need to add any kids to the mix yet- Rob and Lesley's two newest will be here on Thursday! But we do sorta have someone under our care at the new house...

This mama Robin has built a nest in our swing for her babies! We try to hammer quietly so they can rest peacefully, but maybe they will be more comfortable in our Bird House Complex once the little chicks are born? I mean, it is a complex afterall, complete with a bird house, bird bath, and bird feeder. And, we will be able to watch them through the one-way magic mirror. What better way to keep track of our new brood?

Monday, May 5, 2008

attic fanatics

That's what you could call me, Margie, and Elliot this weekend. Margie suggested that we explore the upstairs room a little more, and what did we find but a hidden attic room under the eaves, full of old "treasures." I stood in the approx. 85 degree room for an hour or so (maybe that explains my feeling dehydrated during Sunday's half marathon...) and handed things out to Margie, who then handed them to Elliot, who then threw most of them out the window. Old pieces of insulation, ceiling tiles, lots of styrofoam, empty cardboard boxes. We did find some cool stuff that we held on to for now, though. Check it out.

The contents of the attic. Notice also the newly sanded hardwood- done by Elliot last week. It looks so much better without the orangey stain that was there before. We'll have it finished along with the downstairs, and think the naked pine will match the downstairs oak nicely. That's also our sweet new jacuzzi tub. lamps, duh. These actually went, just out the door, not the window.
The wave of the future: a mirror that lets you see the back of your head!

And a lovely back of the head it is, indeed! A little dresser that I'll definitely find a use for- maybe even as a temporary dining room sideboard, painted white.
Those ipod headphones have got nothin' on these babies. Except for the fact that when you touch the foam inside the headphone, your finger kind of melts into it... uh yeah, out the window.

We may have to save this beauty for our little bird friend- more to come on her tomorrow. Check out the 'stache on this guy.
Any modelers out there? This one's got all her pieces.
Looks like the makings for a boys night in! Too bad the cigars are gone...he only left their glass holders.

The piece de resistance: almost 30 Avon cologne boxes, a few including their cologne. Was someone in the family a salesperson? Or was Dad just lucky enough to get a new bottle for Christmas every year? Here you see the American Buffalo, Longhorn Steer, and Ten Point Buck bottles and boxes. It takes a real man to wear these scents. And finally, a glimpse into history. Did you know that Washington and Lincoln were Avon men? Tera- I smell an art project. Literally.

David F. - if you are still reading, please let me know if any of these things are meaningful to you - I'd be happy to get them to you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

as they say in pennsyltucky

That thing on the ceiling that connects to a beam...apparently it's a "joist" not a "joyce" as I previously called it. That's what I get for taking my husband's pronunciation literally.

Now, in Potsdam speak, we'll be going upta the house tomorrow. And we may stop at Loweses' on the way.