Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready to Rock!

Sheetrock that is... Kyle, Doug, and I spent a long Saturday finishing everything inside the walls to be ready for the drywall crew today. We accomplished a lot! We had some serious motivation addition to needing to finish all of this stuff to be ready for drywall, we also really wanted to be able to go to Richmond on Sunday to see these cuties. Jenna and Lauren

Here's what we did:

-Kyle and Doug built a bulkhead in one of the bedrooms to hide the pipes that drop down from the new master bathroom.

-Kyle finished all of the wiring for light fixtures, etc.

-I insulated the new bathroom and kitchen.

-We at some really good sandwiches from our new favorite italian deli down the street.

-Kyle built the arch between the kitchen and dining room.

A few pics of the action:

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