Wednesday, August 18, 2010

signing off, for now...

In an ironic twist, I have decided that for number 29 on my 30 before 30 list, one activity I am going to give up is blogging. It has become one of those things that I feel I have to force, and feel guilty when I don't do it, even though I know that nobody else really even cares that much! Basically, it's causing me unnecessary stress and just another thing to think about when my mind is already pretty full. It was a great way to share renovations on the house but when it comes to the mundane details of my life, I am choosing to bore you with them via email, phone, or face to face communication instead.

A little unfinished business before the over and out -

I promise I'm really going to pay it forward! Tera received her little surprise this weekend, and C & G - yours will be on their way soon!

And in 30 by 30 news -
8. I have remembered lots of birthdays!
12. I weatherized the patio furniture!
14. I have definitely been more conservative in my sharing lately, especially at work. I am getting a promotion soon and adding a position to my office along with more services, and it has been difficult not to talk about it before I've been able to. But I've held back!
18. I have made progress on the window picture frame display...just need some more vertical photos of the fam to fill it up before it can be hung.
22. I'm going to the beach this weekend!

That's about it for now - thanks for checking in with me here and hopefully I'll talk to you all with real words soon!