Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Apparently we can't get enough of new bathrooms - we originally thought we would wait a few years before renovating the original bathroom downstairs, but decided to go ahead with it now so we don't have to endure a dusty house again after we're fully settled in. So we gave up dreams of spending our tax refund on anything fun and Kyle set off on yet another project. Behold. The bathroom in its original state, minus window framing.

Where the pedestal sink once stood
The hole left from the old medicine cabinet
The destruction has begun. The shower area. Rob spent the weekend working with Kyle and they moved 11 tons of trash both out of the bathroom (below) and from the garage to the dumpster. The garage still contained the old kitchen from when we tore it out last year. I guess plaster is heavy.
The homemade trash chute.
We tore out the old ceiling tiles in the hall while we were at it. The ceiling has to stay low because of the a/c duct, but at least it's drywall now.
Kyle, Doug and Elliot hanging the new drywall.

The hallway with its new ceiling

Partly finished drywall

Paint! Pale Grey by RL.

New, clean tile! That 70 year old scum wouldn't come up no matter how hard we scrubbed with a toothbrush. We decided to stick with a vintage b&w look, but I much prefer this basketweave to the old square pattern. Here's a close-up:

The shower area with new tile. Same look as before but cleaner and with a darker grout for a vintage look. We kept the old cast iron tub and are going to have it refinished soon, so it will be a brighter white to match the tile.

We just went to the granite store today to pick our countertop. We chose this marble below:

Finally, Kyle and Corey are working on building the vanity and a tall cabinet for linen storage. The bathroom grew by about 3 feet in width because we incorporated the linen closet into it. The cabinet they're building will have a few drawers on the bottom and a glass door on top so I can display some pretty things inside. The vanity and cabinet will be white. I showed them pictures of ones I liked from Restoration Hardware and they are copying them...they are looking very close so far!
More to come soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

curtain call

Ok, enough pillow talk. Sorry for the long delay in posting - we took a little break from projects.

A few rooms in the house look completely different now than they did two days ago, thanks to new curtains! It's amazing the difference they make. Here are some photos of our bedroom with it's curtains made by Margie.

Here is the living room. I picked up a lady's card at JoAnn fabrics and she made them for us. She had the brilliant idea of making roman shades for the bay window, which alleviated the need for any expensive hardware and allow us a lot of options in terms of coverage.

Lots of light
A little less

Full coverage so Kyle can walk around in his skivvies.Expert installation by Kyle and Dave

I realized after they were all up that all of our curtains are a linen-esque, floral fabric. At least I know what I like!