Sunday, May 17, 2009

curtain call

Ok, enough pillow talk. Sorry for the long delay in posting - we took a little break from projects.

A few rooms in the house look completely different now than they did two days ago, thanks to new curtains! It's amazing the difference they make. Here are some photos of our bedroom with it's curtains made by Margie.

Here is the living room. I picked up a lady's card at JoAnn fabrics and she made them for us. She had the brilliant idea of making roman shades for the bay window, which alleviated the need for any expensive hardware and allow us a lot of options in terms of coverage.

Lots of light
A little less

Full coverage so Kyle can walk around in his skivvies.Expert installation by Kyle and Dave

I realized after they were all up that all of our curtains are a linen-esque, floral fabric. At least I know what I like!


Michele said...

Wow Katie! I love the bedroom; what a difference a window treatment makes. Do you think Margie would hire out? She could definitely quit her day job!!

Courtney said...

I love them all! I love the fabric you chose for the living room. And the bedroom. So fantastic!

L said...

Oooh. I love the living room. It's almost like a toile print.

eyeheartorange said...

Love them! Especially the living room. That front window is unrecognizable! Very nice. And who knew you had a thing for red boudoirs? Very romantic :)

Katie said...

Thanks gals. After a year it's about time this place starts to look done! Tera- Margie was really funny when we were picking out that red fabric...she kept saying "it's a little passion, but not too much!"

Anonymous said...

LOVE these! are they all connected on the same pull cord so they stay the exact same height? fabulous fabric. i love linen-ey fabrics, too!