Monday, May 5, 2008

attic fanatics

That's what you could call me, Margie, and Elliot this weekend. Margie suggested that we explore the upstairs room a little more, and what did we find but a hidden attic room under the eaves, full of old "treasures." I stood in the approx. 85 degree room for an hour or so (maybe that explains my feeling dehydrated during Sunday's half marathon...) and handed things out to Margie, who then handed them to Elliot, who then threw most of them out the window. Old pieces of insulation, ceiling tiles, lots of styrofoam, empty cardboard boxes. We did find some cool stuff that we held on to for now, though. Check it out.

The contents of the attic. Notice also the newly sanded hardwood- done by Elliot last week. It looks so much better without the orangey stain that was there before. We'll have it finished along with the downstairs, and think the naked pine will match the downstairs oak nicely. That's also our sweet new jacuzzi tub. lamps, duh. These actually went, just out the door, not the window.
The wave of the future: a mirror that lets you see the back of your head!

And a lovely back of the head it is, indeed! A little dresser that I'll definitely find a use for- maybe even as a temporary dining room sideboard, painted white.
Those ipod headphones have got nothin' on these babies. Except for the fact that when you touch the foam inside the headphone, your finger kind of melts into it... uh yeah, out the window.

We may have to save this beauty for our little bird friend- more to come on her tomorrow. Check out the 'stache on this guy.
Any modelers out there? This one's got all her pieces.
Looks like the makings for a boys night in! Too bad the cigars are gone...he only left their glass holders.

The piece de resistance: almost 30 Avon cologne boxes, a few including their cologne. Was someone in the family a salesperson? Or was Dad just lucky enough to get a new bottle for Christmas every year? Here you see the American Buffalo, Longhorn Steer, and Ten Point Buck bottles and boxes. It takes a real man to wear these scents. And finally, a glimpse into history. Did you know that Washington and Lincoln were Avon men? Tera- I smell an art project. Literally.

David F. - if you are still reading, please let me know if any of these things are meaningful to you - I'd be happy to get them to you!


L said...

I see Antiques Roadshow in your future...

Michele said...

Really, some of that stuff could have value. You know what Gramma always says about keeping the original boxes! You got past the home inspection without finding this hidden space?

Courtney said...

I think your mom has a good did you miss this loot during the inspection!?!

On a side note, I found a package of Dora stickers...definitely from pre-2003. VINTAGE Dora stickers. B was psyched.

Katie & Kyle said...

Yeah...not sure about why the inspector didn't mention all that stuff, but oh well! I looked on ebay and the avon stuff goes for about $2 a pop. Probably more trouble than it's worth, though maybe as a large collection the boxes could be worth something?