Monday, May 19, 2008

they rocked our world

The "they" in this title refers to several people.

1. The sheetrock crew who accomplished some awesome work last week- see below.
Props to Kyle are in order again for building the beautiful arch. Now that it's painted, it looks as though it has always been in the house.
2. Our many friends who helped out with painting, etc. this weekend.

2a. Kim- the quick study novice (who was inspired to do some painting at her own place!)
2b. Jennie- the seasoned pro and Boston qualifier! Woo hoo! 2c. Jen & Brian (we just included the better half here. ;-) - they are serious contendors in the running for MVP helpers, having already put in several days of work. 3. Kyle and Corey, who laid the hardwood in the kitchen. Corey was
working so hard I wasn't able to stop him for a picture! Check out the blending! It is all being finished today and will soon match perfectly. These guys have skills.

4. Mrs. Robin whose three baby birds hatched last weekend! She has been feeding them all of the worms from our yard and we've been able to watch it all from about 6 inches away through our front window. It's truly a zoo inside and out. Here's a picture that's a little weird because it's through a window, but you can just make out one of the babies.

5. Ryan at the Perring Plaza Home Depot, who helped me get rid of "icy blue" (turned out WAY too turquoise on the walls!) and replace it with a much more nicey blue. I did not ask Ryan for a picture, but just picture a guy about my age with a huge beard and long hair. Also the only person in the paint department of two Home Depots with evidence of a human brain!!
Kyle and I have a few days to do some shopping, since the floors will be wet with varnish. We're off to buy a sink tonight, and to make some decisions for our new bathroom. We're expecting cabinets and appliances to arrive mid-week, and to start moving next weekend!

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Kerry said...

Wow!! What a transformation! You guys are amazing. The arch-way is unbelievable! I am extremely impressed with everything. Keep posting (I love the pictures!).