Monday, October 6, 2008

spring, sprang, sprung

The guys got the box spring upstairs! Here is the play by play from Kyle who is sitting beside me, but who has trouble typing on the mini keyboard of his toughbook work computer.

1. Cut or pull back dustcover and fabric from bottom and sides of box spring.
2. Cut side and center length struts - cut in one place where you anticipate bending to navigate staircase.
3. Bend while carrying up tight staircase.
4. Place 2x4 blocks at cuts and re-attach struts using screws.
5. Google for better directions.

Sorry folks, he's a tired little guy tonight. It was a long day of doing little to nothing for a home building suffering from the economy. He did cook a mean pad thai dinner though.


JuneBug said...

ah! i'm glad it worked out. i was describing the conundrum to my hubby and he said: "they should just get a platform bed"... no boxspring required. but i'm glad you guys did it! i have to admit i was intrigued.

Katie said...

June, I was definitely considering that option too, but we really want to avoid buying a bed frame if we can help it! I'm going to attempt making an upholstered headboard...considering my limited craft skills, we'll see how that turns out. It will be documented here, of course. :-)

Your new place looks great, btw! And Lili is always so cute!!