Friday, February 15, 2008

breaking up is hard to do

The first step in our home search was choosing a realtor. We met with three - Agent A (and partner Agent A1) was a recommendation from a friend, Agent B a representative from a small firm in our neighborhood, and Agent C a more experienced realtor we met at a few open houses.

We really hit it off with Agents A and A1- they were young, hip, and hungry for business. The day after our meeting, A1 emailed me to ask if I had lost an earring- they found one on the floor in the room where we met - it had fallen out of my purse. We ended up emailing back and forth about how we always lose things for months in purses we haven't used in a while, then it's like finding hidden treasure when you pull that purse out of the closet again.

We ultimately decided to go with Agent C (JoAnn for future reference) because of her experience and the fact that she is an architect so will be knowledgable in helping us find structural faults, come up with renovation ideas, etc.

But then I had to break up (over email...only slightly better than by post-it) with A, A1, and B! They all took it pretty well, but it was way too awkward for me to ask for them to send my earring back to me. So far- Baltimore housing market: 1, Katie & Kyle: 0.


eyeheartorange said...

yay! Welcome to cyberspace. Why don't you guys just move here? Free rent.

Kerry said...

Breakups can be hard. How are you doing? Can't wait for the updates! P.S. This is my first blog!