Monday, February 18, 2008

dazed and confused

We checked this beauty out a few weeks ago. It is a foreclosure, and looks much worse in person than it does here! The lawn is a jungle, and when you walk in the front door (from which the padlock and doorknob had been removed) you have to walk through about 5 feet of mail that has been delivered since the owners left - probably all from the collection agencies!
It was pretty bad inside. The kitchen cabinets were white laminate with a yellow racing stripe down each one (I promise to start providing more interior pictures), many of the outlets had been torn out of the walls for some reason, and there were some seriously dead plants in there.
One plant in particular caught our interest, however... we were looking the basement over and JoAnn called to us from the back of it to come over. In addition to the unnecessarily strong iron floor joyces we noticed in the ceiling, the windows in this section of the basement had been blacked out, there were some large spotlights (still on!), and there was a structure housing more dead plants, of the illegal variety.
It didn't take advanced detective skills to figure out why this place had been foreclosed!
Later, dude...

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