Sunday, February 24, 2008

the waiting game

2808 Alden (the stone cottage with brick porch, below) turned out just as cute as I had imagined! We saw it, along with two other decent places and one huge disaster, on Thursday, and as Kyle said, it was the first house that didn't give us the heebie-jeebies. We went back on Saturday to see it in the daylight and signed a contract!

JoAnn sent the offer over to the listing agent right away on Saturday afternoon. No word from the seller yet, but the listing agent has been keeping JoAnn informed so I'm sure we'll hear just as soon as there is any news.

Since we've been a little pre-occupied with this house over the last few days, I haven't given any updates on the others we saw on Thursday...but one of them sure was bad. It was by far the most cluttered house any of us had ever seen. I am kicking myself that I didn't have my camera with me. It smelled like a hunting camp because they BURN THEIR GARBAGE IN THE FIREPLACE. They had "updated" the kitchen, but left old paneling on half the walls. They had added a few coat closets, without doors, in the living room- why not? Then upstairs, we found four bedrooms, but we could only walk into one of them. The other three were basically filled with stuff from floor to ceiling. These homeowners are the perfect candidates to be on HGTV's Clean House!

Anyway, I'll post some pictures of the prospective new home on Monday, and letcha know as soon as we hear a response to our offer!


Courtney said...

Yahoo! We are putting an offer on a place in fairfax's a steal/foresclosure, .25 acre, needs minimal work and nothing that we can't do over time, and even has the framing already completed in the basement...a finished basement/playroom would make it even more perfect. Benjamin even played on the wooden swingset in the backyard, and cried when we left!

Oh, and at the low end of our price range. Woot!

Now I am a nervous wreck with the possible let-down in our near future.

Congrats! Sending good offer-acceptance vibes your way.


post pike said...

That sounds awesome! It will be awesome to have such a big lot. Can't wait to hear how you do! The waiting is soo hard...

L said...

K, Cute blog!

I want a house, too! Will have to move far from here before that happens...

Good luck,