Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the inside scoop

I have had a few requests to see some interior pictures of the new digs. This is wonderful because it gives me an opportunity to practice posting pictures in a visually appealing manner- something I have obviously had difficulty with in the past. Here goes! The for sale sign should be down around April 11!
I am so thankful for the nice landscaping- I'll want to learn about flowers eventually, but it's nice to have it pretty much set up for now.There is a porch swing right where I'm taking this picture from. Our streetThe front door opens into the living room.
Bay window looking out to the street.
I need suggestions on what to do with the fireplace...leave as is, paint white, install fancier mantle?
The dining room. Window looks onto front porch.I know, I know, the kitchen looks pretty cute already, but we're going to remodel. The cabinets are old and sticky and we love to cook so we want a really great kitchen! The wall on the right backs up to the dining room and will most likely come down. LOVE this window right above the sink.
This is the other end of the kitchen. Lots of wasted space right now. I love that the fridge is set back into the wall.
The only bathroom. It may eventually get a little facelift, but it's great for now!

Moving upstairs....This will be the master bedroom. There is a large closet outside and to the right of that doorway, that we will convert to a second full bath.
There are also two good size bedrooms downstairs. They are both about 12x12 and each has a closet.Oh, here is that large closet!
The back yard. I'm envisioning a nice patio on the left.
And a nice little side yard- perfect for a grill. You can just make out a staircase on the side that goes into the kitchen.


Andy said...

Pretty sweet! Looks like a nice place for you guys to make your own. Congrats!

Courtney said...

I love it! It's so quaint and nice!

We're going to take pics of the new place tomorrow morning. Scarily enough, it'll be our first time seeing it without flashlights! Time is of the essence if you want a big house in Herndon on a townhouse in Ashburn budget. :)

Love it!

L said...

Too adorable! I am envious... P & I need to check out Baltimore.