Saturday, March 8, 2008

inspect yourself, hey hey hey hey

We spent four hours at soon-to-be our house yesterday, while it had a house's equivalent of "turn your head and cough"- the home inspection! Kyle and the inspector spent a couple hours of quality time together in the basement, making good use of their flashlights and pocket knives (and other sophisticated tools, too).

They found a slight crack in the basement wall letting in a teeny bit of water, a few termites having a party in the crawl space, and the hose from the dishwasher fertilizing the lawn with sudsy water. Margie, my mother-in-law, called the latter "country plumbing." Good thing the termites were partying, because there was a funeral in the chimney...a poor little birdy had looked for heat over the winter but couldn't find his way back out.

We expect all of these things to be fixed, then we'll just be waiting on the interest rates to drop again and we should be, as our favorite (NOT) Rachael Ray says, good to go.


Courtney said...

Awesome! Ours is this afternoon. I can't wait to have that behind us. I've been VERY good about not decorating everything in my head...just in case!

L said...

post pike said...

Awesome, Leah- that made my afternoon!