Thursday, September 25, 2008

have a seat and hang your hat

I finally took the plunge and made my decision for the DR chairs! I was really, really leaning toward the Eames, but since I knew Kyle was a little hesitant, I asked the store if I could borrow one for a few hours to see how it would look at home. The staff at Bluehouse, in Baltimore's Harbor East neighborhood, was so helpful and friendly, and generously loaned one to me for three days! He liked the chair a lot, so we're going with those! Here are a few shots.

I love the crisp white (compared to the off-white slip covers on the folding chairs....look behind the table in the above photo), and how the curves of the table and the chair complement each other to blend the two contrasting styles. The steel base looks great with all the stainless in the kicthen too! I'm hoping to have the other three delivered in the next week - I think they've got a few stored away in a warehouse.

Upstairs, work continues on the closets in our bedroom. Kyle finished an oh-so-exciting day of OSHA training early yesterday afternoon, so had a lot of time to devote to finishing the trim in the bedroom. He painted the window frames, leaving me the detail stuff, and installed and painted the baseboard. He also installed this great light in my closet!

I didn't even have to use the dishwashing scrubby brush to install the teeny halogen bulbs, as Ikea included a little suction cup with the light. Which, of course, ended up stuck to my forehead. Sorry, no pics of that. Tonight and tomorrow we'll keep working on putting together the shelving system, which looks like it's going to be a perfect fit! This is how it looks now......stay tuned for the fully assembled version on Monday!

For those of you who call me on a regular phone is currently out of comission. I left my charger at Tera's, and since I was up for a free upgrade anyway, I just ordered a new phone thinking the delivery time would be quicker than having Tera mail the old charger. :-) I'll be checking my voice mails from my work phone and Kyle's so just leave a message if you need to chat!


eyeheartorange said...

yippee! Me and my butt can't wait til Christmas.

Jennifer said...

do I spy some pottery barn marie floral back there?

cool chairs!

Katie said...

Jennifer - yes! Thank you! I have been trying to remember the name of that fabric ever since I bought the drapes - I wanted to search on ebay at one point for it so I could make a small cornice for the kitchen to match. You're a lifesaver!