Friday, September 12, 2008

chair despair

I am very indecisive, a trait which usually bothers Kyle a lot more than it bothers me. But lately, it's really been getting to me, about one topic specifically...chairs for the dining table. I just can't decide what I want, and we have lots of entertaining to do this fall, so I really need to get some soon! So, I need your help.

Here is what we're starting with:
The table I scored at the RH warehouse for $199.

I just picked up four of these chair covers for the old Ikea folding chairs in the above photo. When I finally choose new chairs, these will be used to dress things up when we need extra seating for company.

We don't plan to be in this house forever, so on one hand I'm thinking I should get some cheaper chairs that are pretty casual and cheap that could become kitchen table chairs if/when we have a house with separate kitchen and dining room eating areas. Maybe something like the one below, and I could get a fabric that coordinates with the room to re-cover the seat.

These are only $60 at Ikea, and appear to be very close in color to the table.

I have kind of had my heart set on some classic Eames Eiffel chairs for a while- something that would be a bit of an investment now, but that could transition to really any room of a future house and will never go out of style. However, Kyle isn't a big fan - he thinks they are too "Jetsons" for our place. Sure, most of our decor is on the traditional side right now, but we hardly have anything yet! This is the time to start bringing in some eclectic styles, if I'm going to do it! I keep showing him pictures like the one below to prove that different styles mixed together looks really cool.

Or, I could go for something with kind of a cafe style like this:
Or add an extra pop of color, and complement the jute rug we're waiting for with the green or blue version of these: It's all too much - I just can't decide! What do you think? Any other suggestions? Let me know...I'll check the comments when I'm back from meeting with my therapist!


eyeheartorange said...

you know my thoughts on the subject (hint: I think you should name your kids Elroy and Judy) but I also like the green painted option, very cute, very you guys.

Corey said...

The ikea gilbert is inexpensive, would lend a more modern vibe (especially in white). It being white means you are staying away from matching any woodtones and other colors in the area, making it a bit more versatile to change.