Tuesday, September 23, 2008

clean house!

I got back from a great weekend in Atlanta with my sister on Sunday night to find a whole bunch of awesome work Kyle had accomplished while I was busy antiquing, getting my nails did (mani/pedi Atlanta style!), eating out, and doing the last 20+ mile run before the taper starts to San Francisco. Kyle framed the windows in our bedroom, which is painted now, by the way- I just haven't gotten any pictures up yet! He and his cousin also built a sweet piece of furniture to hold our new tv - we finally joined modernity and got a flat screen. Pictures of that to come later - I'm going to paint it and try to do sort of an antique finish, so I'll be sure to document that process for ya'll.

The trip to Tera's awesome apartment also inspired me to get moving on decorating! Her place is the perfect eclectic mix of styles in a huge 1 BR apartment with really high ceilings and great details - molding, windows, etc. So, last night Kyle and I went on a cleaning spree and got a few more boxes out of the way and put their contents where they belong.

We're going to put the second coat of paint on the bedroom this week, assemble and install the closet shelving, and we should be ready to get settled into our new room next week! Pictures to come soon.

P.S. Thanks to all for your input on my chair dilemma. I am a little closer to a decision...

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