Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Day review

Hi there- wow, I didn't realize quite how long this little break was that I just took! It wasn't intentional, I promise, I guess things just got a little busy!

We hosted Kyle's side of the family for the first Thanksgiving at our new home(9 adults and 5 of the cutest little girls you've ever seen, all 4 years old or younger) and had a wonderful time and a great meal, if I do say so myself! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Father-in-law Terry carving the turkey

The kids' table! From left to right, Kate, Emma, and Paige.

Gramma always likes to have a picture of the table - nothing too fancy here but I like the fact that we're grown up enough to have 9 people over for a holiday, and have real chairs (ok, one desk chair) for them to sit in and matching place settings!

Kate got a new angel costume from "Mimi" for the church pageant, so of course she wore it most of the day and tried to fly (from the ottoman to the couch).

We don't have many (ok, any) toys at our house so I like to let the girls use my camera. This is a shot of me and Emma, by Kate.

I knew buying a new couch for the tv room, aka Service Porch, was a good idea. Little did I know it could hold seven humans. And one duck.

We accomplished a lot of projects in preparation for Thanksgiving, and now have a few more to check off the list before my family arrives for Christmas. Nothing like company as motivation to get things done! More to come tomorrow on some of the latest.

Until then, many thanks to all of our family for a wonderful Thanksgiving! We loved having you all here!

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eyeheartorange said...

Love the kids' table!! They are precious. Kate pulls off the angel thing really well.