Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the beautiful house that you and the Easter Bunny gave me and Kyle. We just decorated it this weekend so you'll be able to find it in 10 days! Doesn't it look nice?

This year, our family is coming to visit. I really want the house to look great for them, so we're trying to finish lots of projects before they come. We still have to finish our work on the stairs, do a little bit of painting, and hang a light. Then, we have to clean - the house is a mess right now! There is dust everywhere from drilling and sanding and sawing. And flour all over the kitchen from baking cookies for you! And then, when we're done cleaning, we have to decorate! We still need to get a tree and deck the halls - all two of them.

So, Santa, this year I'm just asking for one thing, but I need it early...can you please send me an elf to help with all this?

Love, Katie

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Michele said...

Katie, I wish I could be that elf, but you'll do just fine on your own. Can't wait to get there! The house looks so Christmassy. Hmm, is that a real word?