Thursday, December 4, 2008

breaking up is still hard to do

You may remember way back when we were choosing a realtor that I had to break up with a few of the ones we considered. Well, it was a good thing I gained some experience because I just had to break up with the lady at the store that we were considering having make curtains for our living room.

Paula spent a lot of time with me, in the store looking through fabric swatches, coming to the house to measure, and searching for hardware that would work in our bay window. Aah, the memories. But, like most break-ups, it came down to money.

Yup, she got greedy. The fabric I chose was $32/yd at their shop, plus about the same cost in labor per yard. Mother-in-law Margie helped me find the same stuff for $19.99/yd + 40% off at JoAnn Fabrics! So, I'll be placing an order there this Saturday and then begging my mom to make them for me. Don't worry, Mom, you'll figure out how to do the lining. You've got plenty of time to learn - after all, you are retired now.

AND I remembered that Newell Rubbermaid, where my sister works, is the parent company of several window treatment/hardware lines! So I can get the same hardware Paula wanted to sell to me for like $400 for much, much less.

Well, Paula, it's been fun, but just remember, it's not's me. (Boy does uttering that phrase remind me how happy I am to be married!)


David said...

What!??? We need to talk!

Michele said...

oops, wrong account!

Courtney said...

If your mom bails, you can borrow my sewing machine. I bought it in one of many post-partum crafting phases, and it's currently collecting dust in one of the guest room closets!

And by the way, I hate window treatments. I spent WAY too much money on something that isn't even permanent, until I find what I want to be permanent...

Katie said...

Thanks, Courtney! Unfortunately I would have absolutely no idea how to use it. Good news though, I just bought the fabric and it turned out to be 50% off!

And Mom, I did pick up business cards of a few crafty-types from JoAnn, so you may be off the hook.

Courtney said...

YAY for the 50% off! I seriously LOATHE picking window treatments. Loathe it.

Can't wait to see pictures. That is such a beautiful window, though, so anything will look awesome!