Monday, August 25, 2008

Which is best: East or West?

I haven't had much to post about the house lately because we have been too busy taking vacations and watching the Olympics to do any work! So I'll just share some picutres from our bi-coastal mini-breaks. First East Coast, then West.

The People

East Coast:
Margie and Terry celebrating 35 years of marriage - congrats!

Jenna and Lauren at 3 months

Kate showing off her moves from dance camp- almost three years old!

West Coast:

The beautiful bride and groom, Caitlin and Tory

Me with friends Caitlin, Ali, and Erin

Then just me and Kyle for a few days, here in Big Sur, CA.

The Places

East Coast:

On the porch at the Chesapeak Bay-front house in Reedville, VA

Tangier Island, VA- most of the area's soft shell crabs originate on this tiny island in the Bay.

West Coast:

The Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach, CAThe famous Bixby Bridge in Big SurOur ocean-front B&B in Pacific GrovePebble Beach linksThe view from our room!

The Wildlife

East Coast:

Practically impossible to make out here, but we saw a big group of dolphins swim by!The seagulls chillin' at Tangier

West Coast:

Bird Rock on Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. Also impossible to make out, but there are sea lions playing at the base of the rock.More sea lions - one swimming and one perched on the rock in the top left corner.

The Tangier seagulls' crazy hippy cousin who moved out to Carmel, CA.

Well, folks, I think the seagulls have taught us that whether east or west, just living on the coast is best!

We're getting back to work this week by finishing up some details downstairs and starting to build the closets in our master bedroom. Details to come!

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eyeheartorange said...

Kate is getting so big! Too cute. And love the pic of the bridge.