Friday, August 1, 2008

HUGE pet peeve

UPDATE: We went for #10 in brown. On sale at West Elm... $299.99 for the 8x10, with a 10% discount coupon- not bad!

When store websites do not include sale items on the main page for that type of item. Like, putting the sale rugs in with the normal overpriced ones. Here are a few more that I missed that are late additions to the ballot. Also accepting write-ins.

#10: only left in brown

#11: in orange only
#13:#14:Ok, proceed. And, if you ever start a website selling your wares, put the sale items in the the rest of 'em. Because they're good enough, they're smart enough, and dog gone, people like them!


Courtney said...

7, then 10, then 2(I brown).

JuneBug said...

# 13 or # 14 and i defnitely like this set better than the previous set of rugs.