Friday, August 1, 2008

rug round-up

Since the living room is now painted (it's kind of a puttyish, mushroomy beige), complete with fresh paint on the crown molding, new baseboard, and quarter-round shoe molding all the way around, we are finally ready to start decorating! The first step will be choosing a rug to set the tone for the room.

Our couch and chair are espresso brown velvet, with dark brown wood feet. Since there is a lot of greyish-blue in the kitchen/DR, I'd like to stay away from too much more, and maybe bring some earthier colors into the living room. It's a very bright room, with light oak hardwood, so I'm not afraid to choose something on the darker side. Below are some that are currently in the running - if anybody out there is still reading after my long haitus, weigh in on your favorite!

#1:I love how cheeky this one is. It also comes in green.

#2: (not sure which color I would choose!)
#3: This one just looks so cuddly, like a nice sweater you're so happy to put on once fall finally rolls around
#4: this would be in brown
#5: This one does have that steely blue I'm trying to stay away from, but I think it's really pretty so had to give it a chance
#6: I am trying to stay away from the animal print trend in any long-term commitment type pieces, but I think this is just far enough away from being in-your-face animal print that you might not look at it in a few years and say, "that is so 2008" #7: Is the green a little too vibrant?
#8: See #s 5&6!
#9: Last but not least, this one is kind of a nice combination of traditional and contemporary, with some nice color choices. But, that might be a disadvantage for me, who is inheriting more of my mother's indecisiveness every day...

Cast your votes! You don't even have to be registered!

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