Monday, July 28, 2008

lazy days of summer

Well, the Baltimore humidity must be getting to me...I have been very remiss in posting lately.

We've been doing fun things like this instead:

Kyle's first visit to Fenway

We have been doing a lot of work between fun weekends away- the downstairs is almost finished! We painted the hall this weekend, so now it's a nice beige rather than the former light salmon. I must have really wanted it to be done, because I managed to work for about five hours on it after my 17 mile training run before passing out! We've re-painted the living room a darker shade than the first, which was too close to the ceiling color. It's kind of a mushroom-putty color now and provides much better contrast. So we're just touching up the trim this week and installing the shoe molding, then we can start decorating!

The new bathroom is also coming along. The vanity is installed and the plumbing is all hooked up. The plumber installed the wrong type of pipe for the tub faucet at first, so Kyle had to rip out a bunch of tiles around it...he was not too happy about that! But, the tile guy will be back this week to do the repair and then we can start putting the finishing touches in. I found some good deals this weekend and ended up with these:

Two 18-in. towel bars, in a chrome finish

Gotta have a cool way to display your TP, right?

They match our mod faucet and shower fixtures perfectly, but came in at much less than the Kohler prices! I got some knobs for the vanity from this same line too and can't wait to see it all dressed up.

More pictures soon, I promise!

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