Monday, July 14, 2008

one project closer: us and them

Sorry for the delay between updates- the last few weeks have been chock full of working on the house, having work done on my teeth, and celebrating holidays and a marriage with friends.

I am so excited, though, to share that we were featured on a great Baltimore home improvement blog, One Project Closer! The two couples who host this blog are conducting a before & after contest throughout the summer, featuring one great project each week. And for each winner, they donate $25 to Habitat for Humanity in your honor!

I submitted our huge kitchen re-do and the folks at One Project Closer dug it. Check out the post here and please consider making your own donation to Habitat! And be sure to read through their blog for some awesome DIY tips.

Meanwhile, we really are one project closer to having a fresh first floor. We tackled the second bedroom last week. Kyle tore down and re-installed the window trim and sills, the door trim, and the baseboard. We painted the walls a fresh lemony yellow, which I think looks so clean and just right with the white bed and paisley linens.

Next up we'll paint the radiator cover white to freshen it up a little, and we'll eventually get around to adding some window treatments to finish it off. Until then, we're thankful that we at least have the mini blinds from the previous owner!

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