Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hot Dog! and cruel cats

Kyle and I returned from a long weekend in the NoCo (for those of you not from Northern New York...that's what the cool kids call the North Country) on Sunday night, and stopped at Wegman's on the way for a few groceries. I noticed some Hoffman's hot dogs in the deli case, and decided to get a few to show Kyle that Sahlen's of Buffalo aren't the only good dogs out there. So, we fired up the new grill and had ourselves a little taste test.

On the left is the white Hoffman's, in the middle is the Sahlen's, and on the right is the red Hoffman's. And in the back is the healthier tomato salad.
We both decided that the white would make a good lunch hot dog, having a slightly more breakfast sausage-ey flavor. We preferred the taste of the Sahlen's, but the fluffy texture of the Hoffman's red. Sadly, these are about the best things coming out of both cities right now. Except maybe Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse.
In other news, we are mourning the loss of our two baby birdies. Mrs. Robin was on round #2, and the little guys appeared to be doing well, but were definitely not ready to fly yet. Kyle went outside yesterday morning and found them gone from the nest! We think the culprit is one of the FIVE cats that live with the new neighbors two doors down. Apparently these beasts can jump about 6 feet straight into the air to get over their fence, so one of them probably could have jumped up to our elevated swing to rob the nest of its precious contents too. Neighbors are quickly taking sides in this cat problem...those with dogs hate the fact that these cats are allowed to roam around the neighborhood and terrorize thier pups. And the owners have expressed only beligerrence in response to neighbors' expressions of concern about the situation. So, one neighbor has already gotten his bb gun out, and Kyle is about ready to join him. Another suggestion I heard is a water gun...I may be heading to Toys R Us for a new Super Soaker tonight. Any other suggestions?

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