Thursday, June 26, 2008

the back shed/service porch

For an explanation of this title, just see the comments from Tuesday's post.

Here are some pictures of aforementioned room, in the late stages of painting:

The color is a little darker in person, but it's not quite what we were going for. Oh well, it still looks fine! Definitely not worth buying two more gallons of paint and spending several more hours to re-do.

Also, we finally received notice that our cash prize from Mr. Bush is on its way.

Just look at that hard workin' man's hand. Too bad we have to spend the dough on my root canal/gum surgery-jaw bone demolition/crown instead of on something sweet like this:

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Courtney said...

Um, BOO on the dental stuff. We had a mega-dental-bill earlier this year for me, but it was semi-planned, so we were (fortunately) able to plan our FSA to make it pre-tax dollars. But still, it hurt. I have been at my dentist's office EIGHTEEN times this year (which was all in January and February). Hate the dentist. However, am so lucky that the admin there LOVES Benjamin, so I didn't need to find a sitter each time...

House is looking fantastic!!