Monday, June 16, 2008

parent trap

In this case, it was the parents who were trapped...working on the house for the weekend. We had an awesome time and accomplished a ton. Thanks so much for making the long journey, Dave and Mom (aka Shelley-in-law)!

We did a lot of work with windows. Fortunately, all of the windows in the house were replaced before we bought it, except for two. Kyle and Dave replaced those in one of our bedrooms.
Before: (I realize it looks fine here, but it's the really old window with the rope on the sides, totally covered by coats and coats of paint so it barely slides)

(Even if he didn't really know what he was doing, he sure looks like he does!)After. Now it just needs some paint.Mom and I did a lot of touch up and trim painting, and got the kitchen really looking beautiful. Here is a window that Kyle had framed last week: And here it is after Mom's flawless paint job: (and some gorgeous flowers from Kate!)

We also painted the door shown behind us in this photo. It was a dingy off-white before, and it makes such a huge difference to have it brightened up.

We did a lot of eating too...those adventures will be documented tomorrow. Suffice it to say that I LOVE cooking in our new kitchen!!

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