Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We've been chipping away at various projects little by little each night lately.

The new bathroom is almost complete, we're just waiting for our vanity to arrive. It's one of the many things in our lives right now that keeps promising to be here "in two weeks". That's about as accurate as when I tell Kyle I'll be ready "in 5 minutes". Anyway, it's painted, the tub & toilet are in, the mirror is waiting in the wings (thanks, Mom!), the waterproof window has been installed, and the light fixture is in.
We put up shelves in the kitchen to fill the empty wall space between the window and the door. I like this option better than another big cabinet, because you can still see the window and it keeps the workspace nice and open over there. I can also feature some of the prettier/bulkier pieces that don't quite belong hidden in a cabinet. See:

I am fully expecting big sis Tera to rearrange the goods on the shelves when she arrives next week, but hey, at least it's a start.

We've also been painting one of the bedrooms that we've decided to turn into a "den", as much as I dislike that name for a room. I also dislike "office" becuase really, who uses their office for anything other than surfing the web and storing junk? I tend to still use the term "family room" but get mocked for that by aforementioned sister. Another choice is "bonus room," of which Uncle Tom and Aunt Lisa have a lovely one, but I somehow can't help giggling every time I say it. I think it's a ploy of builders to make you feel like you're getting something extra special. So, any suggestions on what to call this multi-purpose TV/desk/pull-out couch for guests room? I'll have new pictures of it soon- we're going to try to finish most of the painting tonight.


Ohighway said...

Home renovations. Fun Stuff. It really pays off, and makes the place more enjoyable to live in.

BTW, we don't have a "den" or "office". Our version we've named the "War Room" as it will have all the junk mail, bills, kids school paperwork, etc. and will likely resemble a war zone.

Courtney said...

We have exhausted most of those names, because we have an office (I work at home, and Andrew does a fair chunk of time, too), a family room, a play room, and a living room...I basically ran out of names.

I think family room is nicest. If you had books in there, you could call it a study...I like that.

eyeheartorange said...

Damn, Court took mine. I was going to suggest study. That is what I call my sunroom when the computer is on. When I paint in there, it is the studio, which could also be an option for you when you get your craft on. When I am just hangin' in there, it is the sunroom.

I want a mudroom. When I buy a house, I need a mudroom, a study and a pantry.

Wait!! I just had an enlightened thought. I think you should call it the service porch like on the Brady Bunch. I mean, I know your washer and dryer aren't in there and your maid has a room in the attic, but it is such a fun name.

Katie & Kyle said...

Wow, these are all wonderful ideas! I am so impressed. Thanks to you all.

I'm also thinking library? Though we'd have to build a few bookshelves for it to qualify as that.

Just remembered one other- we used to have an area in one of our houses in Potsdam that our father called "the back shed." hmm.

Courtney said...

Giggling at "get your craft on."

That is so me, lately. Not successfully, mind you, but attempting to get my craft on. It's certainly NOT studio-worthy crafting.