Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome, Elliot!

Kyle's bro Elliot is coming in today for a week and a half to work on the house! Hooray for little brothers! I'm not sure he knows what he's getting himself into...Kyle has some choice tasks picked out for him, starting with tearing out the remaining plaster kitchen ceiling. But I will feed him well, which will hopefully make up for it! In fact, we won't even be showing him the house tonight, we're going to ease him into things with a visit to his favorite Baltimore mexican restaurant, Holy Frijoles.

Meanwhile, Kyle ordered our appliances today, and of course we received a call from the Visa fairy to make sure it was not a fraudulent purchase! Check out these babies:

A lovely but rather un-remarkable microwave (what can really be that special about a microwave, though?)

The microwave's much hotter and smarter big sister: a duel fuel range with convection oven and six burners!

The sleek and sexy dishwasher with hidden controls that - get this - holds an ENTIRE BOTTLE of dishwasher soap and dispenses according to how dirty the dishes are!! Too bad the china isn't would look nice with the icy blue walls.And the mack daddy of the whole set, this french door, bottom freezer, counter-depth fridge. Complete with internal water dispenser to keep that sleek look going on the outside.

All this from the GE employee website at a hefty discount off retail...thanks, Bob Ward.


Courtney said...

We did a similar order this week.

No discount + GE profile = my entire paycheck, as small as it is as a most-of-the-time-stay-at-home-mom, direct deposited to insert home improvement store here...

eyeheartorange said...

dude, you suck. Jealous!! Hi, Elliott!

Corey said...

I <3 my GE Appliance Discount purchase program price too. :)

Very swanky!

L said...

In response to your comment, um, you have a way better kitchen! Can I come to your house for dinner soon?