Thursday, April 10, 2008

tomorrow is the big day!

Wow, I've really been slacking lately. Is anybody still out there? I promise it's going to get exciting again soon...we're closing tomorrow! So, in approximately 48 hours, this will turn into a home renovation blog.

We had our walk-through on Tuesday night, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful pink dogwood in the front yard. Of course it was there before, but I just never noticed it in the gray and brown of February and March. I can't wait to see what other surprises pop out of the ground this spring! And Kyle can't wait to see what surprises are lurking behind the dropped ceilings in the kitchen and dining room. Hopefully they'll both be new drywall and a few inches higher in a few weeks. Oh, and the same height.

Here's hoping all goes well tomorrow, so we'll have something extra to celebrate on our anniversary on Monday!


Courtney said...

I checked because I was thinking about your settlement today! We're in 2 weeks and I can't wait!

When are you planning to move in?


We're hitting up RH warehouse later today, btw. :) Thanks for the tip!

post pike said...

Ooooh good luck at RH!

We've got our apartment until the end of MAY, so we won't have to live in the mess at the new place while we're renovating. We'll start moving stuff over little by little.

Isn't this in-between period the slowest passing of time?

L said...

Bonne chance!

Courtney said...

YES. We're dying. I can't wait until it closes so we can order our stainless appliances, start the kitchen, start painting (my mom is coming to help!), etc.

We have our place until the end of May, too, although, I think we're getting movers now (since it'll count as reloc for Andrew's work) and want to be in before mother's day. EEK.

Jett Beck said...

Just left settlement and wanted to let you know that I am very pleased that the two of you purchased the family homestead. I wish you many years of happiness and memories that you will recall fondly at 2808 Alden Road. Good luck with the renovations...the house could certainly use a bit of style and some much needed updates. Best Wishes. David Foertschbeck

eyeheartorange said...

yay! happy anniversary! I can't wait to see the place.