Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday was our first anniversary, and while it did get a little bit lost in the busyness of buying and tearing apart a house, writing a 15 page paper, and hosting family, it was lovely indeed. We were so delighted to receive cards, calls, and even gifts for this occasion that is a gift unto itself! Thanks to you all, and to Kyle especially, for making it so nice.

My grandmother taught me to always take a picture of the dinner table on special occasions, so here is our dinner last night. It is the same meal we shared together on our very first date, with cousin Doug as our chaperone...aawww. And of course our year-old wedding cake, which was scrumptious! Thanks, Dee!


eyeheartorange said...

happy anniversary! I owe you a late card...

love, T

courtney said...

Congrats! Things will get even better (and better) as the weeks/months/years go on.

We should do dinner soon, if you guys can take a break from house-fun...and if you can handle going to dinner at 5:30 with a toddler!

Or, you could just come over, since we're pretty lame!