Friday, March 12, 2010

S.P. inspiration

Finally, I've found a real image of the one that's been in my head for the lovingly named Service Porch room - really our third bedroom that moonlights as a family room so we can have a more formal living room. My sis made fun of me for using the term family room, so we settled on calling it the Service Porch, harkening back to our days of rushing home after sports practices to catch the Brady Bunch on TBS at 4:35. Anyhow, here it is.

Here are the elements that we've already got:
- grayish walls (ours are a bit darker and more on the slate/blue side of gray)
- classic styled couch in a neutral color - it's a tan canvas sleeper sofa from Jennifer Convertibles
- blue & white striped cotton rug - from WS Home. We've managed to keep it fairly clean and I actually don't mind the few little stains that have popped up. Couldn't believe we got through the aforementioned Focker Fest without any more serious ones.
- well-worn wood desk, used by my step-dad's late father for many years in his law practice. I'd say it's closest to mission style, but definitely has a touch of old-school office feel to it.
- guitar resting out of the case
- hot guy in jeans
- we also have a pretty neat old typewriter (I'm guessing from the 30's) that I picked up from a garage sale I stopped at while on a long and hilly bike ride this fall. I used my mad old man flirting skills to get it for $5.
- finally, we have a tall military green and old filing cabinet snagged when it was being discarded from one of the Baltimore City schools. That was one good outcome of Kyle's bad job experience.

And we still need:
- another seating option. We do have a neat chippy old stool which migrates around the house as well as a cool leather-sling kind of stool that serves as the desk chair. But I love that wire chair and think it or something similar would be a perfect option because even though it's not tiny, it's so airy that I don't think it would overwhelm the small space. Plus, it will be sitting in front of a closet door which we rarely open, but when we must, it wouldn't be hard to move.
- I'd like to consider repainting/re-finishing (hmmm...which is the correct way to write those words? dash or no dash?) the tv stand that Kyle and his cousin made for us. I painted it white and it looks too new and fresh for the room now. I may consider a color like the one on the shelves in the left side of this room.
- industrial inspired lamp. I've got one in there now that I love, but it's too big for where it sits on the desk now, and just not the right style.
- new ceiling light fixture. We've been replacing a few around the house with ones from and may opt for another one of those. I also came across a blogger who made and gave instructions to make the fixture below, but I'm not completely sold on it yet. What do you think? (are you still reading??)

I think I might visit some antique shops tomorrow instead of doing my 22-miler in the rain, so I'll post some pictures early next week of the room today, and after the weekend if I was successful at finding anything. And don't worry, I'll get those miles in on Sunday instead.

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JuneBug said...

that jar light fixutre is way cool. and you can say you made it yourself, and that's even cooler. a twist may be to use colored glass jars... blue or that light green tint.