Friday, March 5, 2010

bad news/good news

Which do you pick when someone asks which news you want to hear first? I'm going first with the bad here...

Soon, we won't have access to some hilarious and unbelievable emails that circulate around Kyle's current place of employment. I share this one with you today. Again, names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).

Subject: Morning Roll Call

Starting Tuesday, March 2, 2010, and every work day thereafter I will conduct morning "ROLL CALL", at 7:30 am. Please email me and copy the Director your whereabouts at present, and your following location sites, expected times of arrival/departure, including scheduled visitations.
Thanks, Kyle's boss

What? You can't believe anyone actually gets treated like that at work? You need one more email just to prove it to you? Well, ok, you convinced me:

Ms. You Need To Find A New Job Stat, (again, names have been changed)
I spent part of my meeting today discussing keeping the original people on the email. Apparently you were napping during that discussion. This is why I had you sitting in the front. Future meetings you are to sit in front.
Secondly, I do not care who was to do what. What is troubling is that TODAY the task has not been completed. As the manager you are totally responsible. Your email should have been sent to me last week. I should not have heard through Homer Simpson. This lack of paying attention to details will not be tolerated.
Kyle's boss' boss

Whoa. Raise your hand if you would have cried/quit/spouted profanities upon receiving an email like that, with 5 other people copied, to make matters worse!

Anyway, you get the point that Kyle is not in a happy place at his current job. Sooooo the good news (which is quite out of proportion with the bad) is.....

he has a new job! Hooray! Praise God, bow to Allah, appreciate good karma or thank your lucky stars; it's a great day! He'll start on a yet to be determined date at this company:, which provides energy audits to homeowners and business and advises them on how to improve their energy efficiency. Kyle will be the one to lead the installation of whichever products/services they choose to buy to accomplish the energy savings. They are a subsidiary of a really cool commercial builder in Baltimore so even though they're new, they have a strong foundation under them. They are so new, in fact, that they weren't ready to hire for his position yet, but when they met him through his networking efforts, they didn't want to pass him up! So, we're hoping business picks up quickly and they'll need him soon. They have a great vision and growth plan and are going to provide Kyle with a lot of training, so it looks promising that he'll be able to be there for a long time, which is exactly what he was looking for.

On a totally different subject, I need to start doing some posts with pictures. Sorry about that. Have a great weekend!


L said...

congrats to Kyle! So, The Office is clearly based in reality, eh?

eyeheartorange said...

I must admit, I will miss the emails forwarding the fat man's ramblings, but I am willing to forego that for this awesome opportunity for Kyle! It means only good things for your family in years to come. xoxo