Tuesday, March 2, 2010

mug shot

One of my Back on My Feet girlfriends was telling me recently that she had been talking with one of the residential members one-on-one and learned just how candid they seem to be about the appearances of us female volunteers. Keep in mind that they live in a shelter with about 100 other guys, and many of them spend almost all of their time there, so they don't exactly have that much contact with women. Anyway, our buddy Keith told Shelley that she looks a LOT better in her normal clothes than she does in the morning while running, going so far to actually say that she looks "really bad" in her running gear! Lovingly, of course. :-)

I had a similar experience yesterday that was quite funny. Some background...we have monthly social events with the guys, anything from beach volleyball to pre-race potlucks and in this month's case, taking in a the Loyola-UNH basketball game. It was the first social event for a newer member, Chris, who has only been running with us since the cold weather set in. I always wear a fleece hat (like a touque, not a baseball cap) when running in the winter, so it was the first time he'd seen me with my normal hair-do. We didn't really talk much at the game because we were sitting in different sections.

Well yesterday morning when we were stretching in our circle after the run, he said to me "was that you with the curly hair and glasses at the basketball game?" I confirmed that it was, and he went on to gush about what a "beautiful head of hair" I have. Very complimentary at first and I accepted appreciatively, and then he went on to say, "I mean, in the mornings here you look like you're in a mug shot!".

Thanks for the warning, Shelley, now I see what you mean! And you're almost there Chris...just need a little polishing before you're ready to re-enter the real world. We'll help you get there. :-) He is probably right though...see the picture below for the telltale evidence - I'm muggin' it up front and center on a recent coooold morning. And Mom, thanks again for the jacket; it's been a lifesaver this winter!

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