Wednesday, October 7, 2009

to tide you over

Ok, enough of you have been nagging me for a new post lately...sorry again it's been so long! I meant to post a bunch of updates on our recent projects this morning, but realized I didn't upload those pictures. Maybe tomorrow! Until then, here are a few of our recent non-house related's been nice to have time for those again lately!

In September I went to the Finger Lakes to celebrate two of my favorite people. Kerry got married and all of us girls had a great time together...

...and we celebrated Tera's impending nuptials with a ladies weekend at a lake house in Geneva.
I finally returned home to my husband (and a newly re-finished guest closet to be documented later!) and we were soon off to Virginia to top off his birthday celebration with a U2 concert, compliments of Lesley and Rob. The stage was not over-rated and really did seem like a spaceship at times. Great show and great company!

We spent the night in Richmond and had just enough time to play with these gals for a while the next morning. Kate and I take a self-shot each time we're together, which is much easier than capturing Lauren and Jenna in a still moment on film! The picture below depicts well what they're up to lately though...bows, necklaces, and stealing bows from the other's hair. Ouch!

Finally we were off to Atlanta for Tera and Brett's wedding. We had a great time all weekend, from the family mexican feast on Friday night, through the Braves game on Saturday, to the main event on Sunday afternoon. They were a gorgeous bride and groom and threw the most fun and stylish wedding I've been to yet!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

The End.


eyeheartorange said...

hope you enjoyed wearing my scarf at the U2 concert.

eyeheartorange said...

new post, please! I'll bet you'll have some material after Thursday :)