Friday, January 8, 2010


I guess it's time to jump on the New Year bandwagon and resolve to get back to this darn blog. I have some reservations about continuing it this year, such as:

- Um, we're not in pursuit of the place anymore. We found it like 2 years ago.
- I'm kind of sick (ok, really sick) of the title. I never really liked it in the first place but my laziness beat out my creativity and that's whatcha got stuck with. I do, however, still like the picture of the guy picking up trash by the bench proclaiming Baltimore's greatness. You might have to live here to understand.
- Once we found the house, the blog turned into a journal of our renovations. Well guess what, my husband has been busy and we're almost done with those too.
- I'm really busy! Like, REALLY! Here's what I do (prepare for the sub-list): Run 5-6 mornings a week, swim or bike a couple days a week, book club once a month (ok, wine club), string quartet rehearsal every other week (another wine club), bible study group every Tuesday night and church on Sunday(gotta repent for all that wine consumption), class one night a week for my Master's program, various volunteer activities and get-togethers as assigned for Back on My Feet, and oh yeah, my job. And I'd like to fit in the Financial Peace University classes that Tera & Brett gave us, and a date night (as much as I hate that lame term) with Kyle.
- I don't know what else I would write about. My life is not that interesting.

There are a few good reasons to keep going, which include:

- Blogging lets people choose whether or not they want to see my photos/hear about the mundane details of my life, instead of me inundating their email inboxes.
- Who am I kidding about business being a factor against it. I blog at work. Duh.
- Blogging makes me feel cool because my big sister and her friends do it. It's kinda the same feeling I got when Megan would convince Tera to just let me ride to school in the uterus with them already.
- Once we have kids in like 10 years, I won't have to set up a new blog to share every single detail of my pregnancy with the world.

Weighing the pros and cons....weighing, weighing....Oh! I almost forgot! My awesomely creative sister and brother-in-law think I am a good writer. (despite my, albeit intentional, overuse of the word "like"). Decision made. I shall press on. Thank you, TPS and BS - haha!!! Funniest set of married people initials ever!! - for your votes of confidence. I'm sorry, but few things feel better in life than the approval of your older sis.

Now, what to write about... here's what's on the docket so far for 2010:

- a few final renovation postings, including a grande finale before and after!
- funny names I encounter at work while cleaning hundreds of thousands of records in preparation for mass mailings
- a new name/look for the blog
- maybe some training stuff as I prepare for Boston and my first triathlon, but no self-congratulatory bs, I promise.
- a continuation of the great words-we-hate family email exchange started last night

Whatever else you guys (all 2.5 of you) want.

Finally, here's a cute picture from my Christmas vacation. Other people's kids are the best!


eyeheartorange said...

You should keep on bloggin'. No one has to look! That is my theory. I am trying very hard this year not to sound like a jerk on mine and write anything that comes across as snobby or bragadocious. xoxo

Michele said...

Yay, you're back!

Gram said...

What a wonderful life!!!! Aah! to be young.......

Katie said...

Well now that I know that Gramma is reading, I will most certainly continue writing. :-)

On whose camera was that great picture of the four of us taken at the counter in the house where we had Tera's bachelorette weekend? I would really like a print of it.

Courtney said...

Yay! And, qualifying for Boston allows some self-congratulatory blog posts...just sayin'.

Glad you're back, K!

L said...

Hi again! Glad you're back. You are like Oprah - do you only sleep 4hrs a night?

Katie said...

Leah, I pretty much freak out if I'm not in bed by 9:45. That gives me almost 7 hours, not so bad.

JuneBug said...

good to see you back! and... they make you eat at the kids table ?!? (haha)