Wednesday, August 19, 2009

patio progress

We're just waiting for a few finishing touches on the bathroom, and in the meantime have started yet another project - a new patio! The house was previously surrounded by lots of old, cracked, mis-matched cement, including a sidewalk from front to back that really wasn't necessary. Also lots of random flat rocks placed around the yard, including a mysterious figure 8 formation in the back yard (a tribute to Baltimore's favorite Cal Ripken, perhaps?).

Kyle and a former co-worker jack-hammered up the old concrete a few weeks ago, and we've been pulling all the rocks out and stacking them up by the garage for use in a future project - fire pit!

Anyway, here is what our yard looks like as of last night. They are pouring the patio as we speak! It's going to be exposed aggregate, that pebbly looking tan concrete that you often see around pools.

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L said...

Fire pit! Love it. Did you use the jackhammer? I wonder if that is a stress relieving activity...