Wednesday, May 26, 2010


They say bad things come in threes, right?

1. Monday. 11 AM. Checked bank account online. Checking account includes:
5/24/2010 Austin Grill $27.10
5/24/2010 Weber's Cider Mill $31.03
5/24/2010 $500.00
5/24/2010 $500.00
5/24/2010 Parkville Library $12.00

Yes, I know that's a big overdue fine, but let's back up to What?!
Investigated charges. 800 number provided by classy-sounding website bad. Left work early to get to credit union before it closed at 4. Got new debit card, submitted fraud claim.
Bank refunded $1000 by 11 PM that night. refunded $1000 on Tuesday.
Hoping we get to keep both $1000s.

2. Wednesday. 7:45 AM. Driving to work through the ghett-o.

New person to add to hitlist: Mohammad R. (along with Eric R. and Christopher C., others with whom I've had accidents)
Mohammad tried to go straight in a right-turn only lane and hit my rear passenger side. Minimal damage, no injuries. Got to stand in the sun and hang out with the homies from the neighborhood.

Have to leave work early tomorrow to bring my car to the Progressive service center in Glen Burnie.
Hell yeah. Watch this It's awesome and worth your time.

3. ??? I'm following my Papa's advice and watching my back!


eyeheartorange said...

Dude, you shouldn't describe the sound effects of the ghetto with bang!

Katie said...

whatever, I think you're the only one who reads this and you already knew it was a car accident.

L said...

I totally thought dead too after the gunpal thing. Btw, Pete got hit up by the same scam, but paypal. This is my opportunity to publicly thank AMERCIAN EXPRESS for monitoring my account so carefully and not only resolving the fraudulent charge, but sending Pete a new card before we even notice. They are even nice on the phone. Thank you, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Courtney said...

Yikes! I had 3 car-related incidents within 2 weeks. The amount spent to fix my car has now been more than the car is worth (since it wasn't totaled either time, and fixed in between the first two and the third incidents...).

I guess the moral of the story is to monitor your bank accounts and to be thankful that stuff is just stuff, and that you're okay. I am RARELY level-headed about things, but I stepped away from our trifecta of automotive accidents (none of which were our fault, by the way) and just felt so lucky that we walked away from each, 100% unscathed.

So, glad you're okay! And awesome for a great bank.

Katie said...

That makes me feel better to hear about the paypal scam, Leah, though I'm sorry you guys had to deal with it too!

Court, I'm with you with my car damages now being worth more than the car itself! I think I'm approaching that now, after 3 accidents in two years.

Good times!

Anna said...

I am so glad that you are okay, but so sorry that you have to deal with the repair drama...I hate that.

Last time I was in an accident it took a month for the insurance company to place blame. The car was parked in front of our house, I was pregnant and napping inside, and a 17 year old driver hit it and blamed it on a very scary bicyclist. hmmm...

Courtney said...

The most unfortunate part for us right now is that it was the Saab. And Saab is going away. So, our hopes of selling that car, and getting a little VW golf or something little for our on-street-parking, have been dashed.

Oh well. Hopefully it's as hassle-less as possible. And on that note, off to BWI on a holiday weekend Friday...