Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have successfully learned to change a diaper. I don't think I can say yet that I've mastered it, but I've had recent practice on a 2-month old and a couple of 2-year olds.

We spent last weekend as stand-in parents for our three adorable nieces, pictured below with Uncle Kyle: Lauren, Kate and Jenna.

Kate is almost 5 so of course she is in full-on panty mode. Lauren is almost there, but Jenna's still rockin' the diapers. So between putting them to bed, frequent costume changes, swimmy diapers, and drinking lots of water to stay cool, there were also many diapers.
very pleased with themselves to be getting Uncle K wet

Jenna on the swing

Lauren, or "Oro" as her sister calls her

I've also been getting some practice on the homefront from our neighbors and friends across the street, who had the cutest baby born in 2010 just two months ago. Kim read my list and promptly offered up Bianca's dirty diapers for me to learn on - thanks, Kim! :-) Here we are together after a nice full one.
See - I told you she is cute!

Changing diapers wasn't as bad as I expected. I left the real challenge to Kyle...emptying the diaper genie! When it's finally our turn to have little ones, I think we will be putting gas masks on the registry to deal with that job!


Courtney said...

I am anti-diaper genie. A, they are a lot of plastic and ugly, and B, the concept of storing that in the house grosses me out. In my diaper days, I followed the rule of no dirty diapers in the house when I went to bed...get 'em out of there!

Good work, though K! I bet you guys slept well after a weekend with those three cuties!

Just Passing Through said...

No problem Katie...I told you Bianca makes a ton of diapers a day. So, anytime you feel you need practice come on over :). I like our diaper genie..I empty it and I don't think it smells horrible; however, she is not eating solid food yet. Ask me when that happens :)

JuneBug said...

Go you with the diapers, lady!

I am also anti genie.

Pro cloth diapering.

And anti stink.