Thursday, April 29, 2010

badges of honor

I made it through Boston! It wasn't pretty at times, like forthe 40 or so minutes it took me to get from mile 17 to mile 21, but overall I felt good about my performance. I definitely lacked control at the beginning and started out too fast, then paid for it through the Newton hills, but I was able to pick up the pace a little bit again for the las five miles and gut it out to the finish. I ended up 33 seconds over re-qualifying for next year which is a bummer, but I'm trying to use it as motivation to keep training hard for the fall!

Lots of people have been congratulatory and I've been very appreciative. It's easy, though, to get caught up in my disappointment with not quite reaching my goal and to discount my accomplishment. I hate to do that because I do know that it's a pretty big deal that I've come this far since my first 4:30 marathon 5 years ago! So, here are few badges of honor to celebrate my first Boston Marathon.

First, a medal that my sister brought me after the race. It's an antique - the Women's Voluntary Service Medal in it's original case. There's a seal of the Royal Mint inside. Must be from England. On one side of the medal is a sort of monogram of WVS, and on the reverse are the words Service Beyond Self. This reminds me of all the mornings I've spent doing easy miles with the back on my feet crew instead of a "real" workout - but usually I get way more out of those easy miles, mentally, than I would from a tougher workout. The friends I've made there were a big inspiration during the race.

Next, the medal from the marathon! It's way classier than most marathon and half marathon medals given out. It's simple and very nice quality - pewter! Usually they feel like you could bend them if you tried hard enough - not this one.

And finally, the REAL badge of honor...two black toenails! Well, more like red and purple. I think the downhills did them in.

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eyeheartorange said...

ouchie! But great job!!