Tuesday, February 10, 2009

artistic endeavors

All of you Potsdam folks will smirk at this title. For others, it's the name of the big art show our high school used to have - there were some real gems, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, the other night I asked Kyle what is holding us back from keeping our house neater and generally making it feel more lived in. We came up with a few answers: rugs, art, curtains, and motivation. Since he's now working again - even if unofficially - we are feeling a little more optimistic (check, motivation!), and decided we can allow ourselves to spend a little bit toward the other three solutions.

We ordered a cream-colored shag rug from JC Penney and got a great deal - under $180 including shipping for an 8x10! I think it will be a nice contrast against the pine floors upstairs, and will be oh so nice to step onto when getting out of bed on chilly mornings!

I also found these prints at allposters.com for the wall in the living room behind the couch. I love arts & crafts style art and furnishings, and these fit that as well as the botanical theme I am going for in that room. At just $16.99 each and 20% off, they were a great deal too! Now I just have to dig up that Michael's coupon for 50% off framing and we'll be in business.

Finally, we hired a lady to make some ceiling-mounted roman shades for our bay window. These will solve all the problems that window has posed, provide privacy yet still allow light, and hopefully, look beautiful! Also, Margie is going to make drapes for the normal window in the room in the same fabric to save us a few bucks. And, I may get a sewing lesson as a bonus! Here is the fabric I chose - it goes on sale this Friday at JoAnn - wish me luck that it isn't discontinued like the last one!


L said...

Do you ever recover a memory of something that you had utterly and completely forgotten about? Um, Artistic Endeavors would be one of those thoughts for me.

L said...

PS - if you have already ordered from allposters in the past, you may already know that they will somehow secretly subscribe you to Conde Naste boring magazine. Just fyi.